The Web Public Access Catalogue as a bibliographic control tool is a computerized catalogue which provides access to the rich collection of the library from thirteen workstations within the readers services section located in the first and second floor. As the collection grows, locating materials by merely browsing through the shelves becomes crude and herculean, thus the use of the catalogue as a quick retrieval tool is indispensable. It is also note worthy that staff and students remotely login to the catalogue from their offices and hostels respectively. This affords them the opportunity to keep track of charging and discharging activities and to effect necessary bookings as well as reservations online

Apart from knowing which materials are available in the system, patrons enjoy the comfort of reading some of the electronic books at their pace and convenience.Digitized versions of past question papers are also made accessible to the students electronically at different remote locations within the campus.

Faculty members involved in selection of materials for acquisition and those intending to recommend reading lists to students are apprised with the current holdings of the library, thus communication between faculty and library is enhanced.

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